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100% Original Cookware Cleaning Paste ( Pack of 2 )

100% Original Cookware Cleaning Paste ( Pack of 2 )

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Powerful Stainless Steel Cookware Cleaning Paste Household Kitchen Cleaner Washing Pot Bottom Scale Strong Cream Detergent



This stainless steel cleaning Safely removes built-up grease, stains, rust and scale, oxidation, water marks, ink, corrosion, scuff marks, permanent marker and much more,

Naturally Plant Formula,Non-toxic and Odor-free!

This superb product cleans all types of enamel, porcelain, ovens, cookware, patio furniture, Suitable for ovens /Glass ceramic stoves/Bath tubs, tiles, sinks

Directions for use: This product is a mild abrasive and care should be taken on delicate surfaces to avoid scratching, Unplug electrical appliances before cleaning. Read instructions before use, Full use instructions printed on the packaging,

Using Steps: Dry the rusty place Completely cover surface like a toothpaste Wipe gently with a rag for 2 minutes Clean the paste away with water and get brandnew things!

Oven and Cookware Cleaning Paste has been specially formulated for use around the home.

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