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6 Blades Portable Juicer Blender-USB Rechargeable 380ML

6 Blades Portable Juicer Blender-USB Rechargeable 380ML

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Stronger Power:Β The personal blender smoothie maker has a powerful 5V electrical motor that spins its 6-point stainless steel blades at a blazingly fast 22,000 RPM. Your favorite smoothies and shakes will be ready within 40 seconds.

Rechargeable and Portable:Β The portable USB rechargeable blender equipped with a built-in 2000 MAH rechargeable battery makes 8-12 cups per charge. You can recharge via any USB port for 1 hour between uses and drink at home, office, gym, travel or any other outdoor activities.

Easy Cleaning and Blending:Β Never have to clean the portable smoothie blender again. Just add water and an optional drop of soap, and run your blender until it is clean. Blending your favorite smoothies, shakes, margaritas, or baby food with a single button.


  • Blades: 6 stainless steel
  • Powerful motor & improved sharp blades
  • Color: Random
  • Package: 1 Juicer with USB charger
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