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Baby Silicone Spoon Feeder Pacifier and Kneepad (Pack of 3)

Baby Silicone Spoon Feeder Pacifier and Kneepad (Pack of 3)

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FEED SAFE & CONVENIENT:Β The baby food feeder and squeeze spoon feeder are made of food-grade silicone, safe and non-toxic. These Silicone nipples are more convenient for parents to feed babies, who can chew their food such as fresh and frozen fruits, yogurt, ice, and breast milk, and absorb nutrients.


FRUIT PACIFIER:Β Every growing baby needs one of these infant fruit nipples'! These pacifier fruit holders can be used to store fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, ice chips, breast milk, & even medicine! It relieves your baby’s aching itchy gums, and help build up mouth muscle at the same time, these baby fruit suckers are a must have!

CRAWLING PROTECTION:Β Design to fully cover yourΒ Baby's Knees, these pads insulated their soft skin from the floor keeping them safe from bruises, scrapes and carpet burns as they crawl around


1 x Feeder Bottle

1 x Fruit Pacifier

1 x Knee Pad (Pair)

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