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Baby Water Bottle (250 ML)

Baby Water Bottle (250 ML)

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Stimulates the child to drink in a playful way!

KIDS WATER SPRAY: Watch as the whale blows water thru his blowhole. Great fun for kids of all ages. Bendy straw and top fold down to keep beverages fresh. Easy to keep clean and hygienic.

  • Capacity: 250 ML
  • Size: 15.8*8.1CM
  • Random Colors as per availability
  • Cartoon Whale Children Cup Baby Feeding Bottle Straw

The whale cup uses airflow to spray water, and the whale's head sprays water while absorbing water.

Your child can drink interesting drinking water while exercising his lung capacity. The little whale suspended on the lid satisfies the baby's curiosity. 

 Protect your teeth and mouth, drink water easily, and exercise your child's lung capacity. Stimulate your baby's potential and promote brain and nerve development. 

Please pour warm water suitable for children to ensure that the temperature does not exceed 140°F to prevent accidental scalding of children!

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