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Bubble Bath Crab Toy

Bubble Bath Crab Toy

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Introducing the Bath Crab Toy Bathing Machine - the ultimate bath time companion for your little ones! This innovative and fun toy will transform your child's bath time experience, making it a time they'll look forward to every day.
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The Bath Crab Toy Bathing Machine is designed to look like a cute and friendly crab, with a bright and colorful design that will captivate your child's attention. But it's not just a pretty face - this toy is packed with features that will make bath time more enjoyable and fun.

With the Bath Crab Toy, your child can explore the wonders of water with a toy that is both safe and durable. Its sturdy design ensures it can withstand the rough and tumble of bath time play, while its soft and squishy body provides a comfortable grip for little hands.

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But that's not all - the Bath Crab Toy also comes with a range of accessories that will add to the fun. The toy features a built-in water wheel that spins as your child pours water over it, creating a mesmerizing and soothing effect that will help your child relax and unwind. 

And with the included water scoop and strainer, your child can scoop up and examine the water, creating a fun and educational experience that will help develop their cognitive and motor skills.

Kiddo Angel® Official Site | Baby Clothes, Newborn Clothes Store | Bath crab  spit bubble machine

So why settle for a boring bath time routine when you can give your child the Bath Crab Toy Bathing Machine? It's the perfect toy for any child who loves to splash around in the tub, and it's sure to become a beloved part of their daily bath time routine. Order yours today and give your child the gift of endless fun and excitement!

  • Power supply: 1.5-2 x AA batteries (Not Included)
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