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Luxury Heatless Hair Curler

Luxury Heatless Hair Curler

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More Curls, Zero Damage!

Do you love bouncy curls but hate frying your hair? If yes, Our Heatless Hair Curler Headband is just the hairstyling solution for you!
This handy headband naturally creates beautiful curls and waves in your hair in a few seconds. 

NATURAL CURLS – The heatless hair roller headband naturally creates beautiful curls and waves in your hair in a few seconds

HEATLESS HEADBAND – Our hair roller headband works with no heat, pain, or damage.

COMFORTABLE WEAR – This heatless hair roller headband is soft and lightweight, which is why it is very comfortable to move and sleep in.

EASY TO USE – Simply place the heatless hair roller on top of your head like a headband. Then tightly wrap wet or damp hair around it and finally, secure it with the elastic band.

PREMIUM MATERIAL – Our heatless hair roller headband is made from high-quality materials that are safely reusable for reliable, longtime use.

Easy 3-Step To Perfect Curls

1. Clip - Align the satin piece of your curling ears on the crown of your head and clip it into place to secure.

2. Wrap - Take 2-3 inch sections of hair at a time, starting at the front top part and twist around the curling earls tightly. Bring each section under and around before picking up the next section and joining them together. Repeat from front to back until all hair has been picked up.

3. Secure - Take the smaller scrunchie and secure the ends. Wrap while twisting the curling ear upwards to create a bun on either side. Use the larger scrunchie to secure it into place. Remove clips once secured to prevent creasing.

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