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Microfiber Quick Hair Drying Cap Towel (Pack of 3 )

Microfiber Quick Hair Drying Cap Towel (Pack of 3 )

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Better than a bath towel!

Our thick, fluffyย microfiber towelย thatย speeds up drying timeย andย reduces frizzย is back in stock.

ย  ย Moisture-wickingย microfiberย absorbs excess water

ย  ย Perfect hair towel for curly hair

ย  ย Cuts down on drying time

ย  ย Less blow drying meansย healthier hair

ย  ย Ultra lightweight design won't strain your neck

ย  ย The elasticย loop keeps it secure - won't fall off

ย  ย Saves on laundry

ย  ย Great for the beach or the pool

ย  ย Easy to pack for the gym

ย  ย Take one with you when you travel


  1. Bend to make your hair hang down, and put on hair towel on top of the head (the end with a button)
  2. Wrap your hair with the hanging part of the towel
  3. Pull up the secure loop across your head and fix it under the secure button.
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