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Portable Electric Kettle 600ML

Portable Electric Kettle 600ML

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No Matter Where You Are, Getting A Fresh Home-brewed Coffee In The Morning Every Day Is Now Possible With Collapsible Electric Kettle!

This is a portable electric kettle made with food grade silicone material that is safe to be used for water and other food items. It is completely collapsible which means it can be folded up and carried around wherever you go, making sure you never miss out on your everyday morning routine.


Collapsible Electric Kettle is designed with a stainless steel base that will ensure the durability of the kettle while the heat-resistant silicone body can withstand high temperatures without melting and emitting harmful toxins in your food.


Portable and Lightweight:Β Since Collapsible Electric Kettle is entirelyΒ collapsible, it can be packed up easily and taken around. It won’t take up much space and is quite lightweight, proving to be an excellent tour buddy.

Easy to Use:Β Collapsible Electric Kettle is very easy to operate as all you need to do is fill it up with water, switch it on and it will turn the power off automatically when the water is boiled. You can then simply pour it in your cup and enjoy a homely cup of tea.

Wide Application:Β Collapsible Electric KettleΒ can be used for a couple of other food items apart from water, such as milk, instant noodles, instant oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, hot chocolate, and soups.

Dual Voltage:Β Collapsible Electric Kettle will be suitable to be used anywhere you go since it works with two different voltages, that is, both 110V-120V and 220V-240V. This would prove to be one of the most essential travel gadgets of all time.

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