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Silicon Portable Ice Cube Maker

Silicon Portable Ice Cube Maker

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ย ย  Make Several Ice Cubes Instantly in One Go!

  • Let bulky and space-consuming ice trays be a thing of the past and quicklyย make dozens of ice cubes at onceย with thisย Incredible Ice Maker!

  • It features anย innovative ice bucket designย that can instantlyย make several ice cubesย and isย used as a holderย to keep bottled beverages constantly chilled.ย 

  • This remarkable ice cube makerย saves spaceย and can easily replace ice cube trays in your freezer. It is made withย food-grade flexible siliconeย with aย double chamber designย for you to fill water in the outer chamber and lift and squeeze the inner chamber once the water has frozen to release ice cubes. It is alsoย dishwasher safeย andย has a lidย to keep ice cubes fresh.ย 


  • Makes 120 ice cubesย โ€“ Instantly make several ice cubes in one go for your party or guests to enjoy an overflowing round of iced drinks.ย 
  • Space-savingย โ€“ Innovative bucket body to replace up to 10 traditional ice cube trays in your freezer and can also fit mini-freezers perfectly.ย 
  • Double chamberย โ€“ Fill water in its outer chamber and lift up the inner cylinder chamber after the water freezes and squeeze the bucket to release the cubes spill-free.ย 
  • Bottle holderย โ€“ Makes a convenient and portable cooler for your bottled beverages and keeps them chilled longer.ย 
  • Durable materialsย โ€“ Made with BPA-free, food grade high-standard silicone for flexibility in releasing ice cubes and durability for long term use.ย 
  • Easy to cleanย โ€“ Safe for dishwashing and comes with an airtight lid to keep your ice cubes fresh and odor free.ย 
  • Lightweightย โ€“ Ideal ice cube container for outdoor activities such as going to the beach or picnics.ย 
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