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This Multi-Function Tension Rope is a mini gym replacer which can Strengthen shoulders, arms, legs, waist, abdomen and back.

This Multi-Function Tension Rope effectively workouts your arms, tummy, shoulders, legs, and butt. It is not the only way to lose your fat by exercising with our tummy trimmer but also a way to shape your body. 

Available exercises:

⚡⚡ Shoulder exercise: Stand still, stand on a footstool, and pull the handle firmly up and down to increase the flexibility of your shoulders.

⚡⚡ Leg exercises: Lie on a yoga mat, hold the handle and stand on a footstool. Bend the legs 90° and push forward. It can effectively exercise and strengthen the waist and thigh muscles.


⚡⚡ Lumbar exercise: Lay your feet flat on your feet and hold the handle. Using pipes, sitting up is flexible. It can burn twice as many calories.


⚡⚡ Hand exercise: Sit on a chair, stand on a footstool, maintain a 90°  angle, and then pull the tube. Holding the puller on the palm can exercise the internal muscles of the arm.


✅  Anti Slip and ergonomic Handle: 
The foam handle is of ergonomic design, light and sweat-absorb, non-slip material provides comfortable grip and safety.

✅ Strong 4 tubes of elastic latex tube: 
Full natural latex,odor free and super elastic,anti snap,max stretch to 1.2 m,provide proper strength training.

✅  High density foam pedal:
Super soft pedal,better touch with barefoot on it,anti slip and bend,hard plastic stick inside provide strong support.

With elastic foam handle, thickened latex tube, and anti-slip pedal, this sit-up exercise device is very easy to use. 
Made of environmental foam, and the tube is made of NBR, Natural Latex, foam wrapped handle making it safe and durable!          
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